Crown Jewel Dessert (aka Broken Window Glass Cake)

Vegetable Salad

Try this: Make this Multi-Stripe Delight according to the recipe using the biggest brandy snifter you can find. Go around the house tilting all your pictures at the same angle as the Jello. Stand at the same angle as the Jello. Phone everyone in your rolodex and invite them over for Jello. Have everyone stand at the same angle as the Jello.

Multi-Stripe Delight

Prepare several flavors of Jell-O Gelatin according to package directions, using as many packages and flavors as will fill your finest crystal bowl or stemmed glasses -- a big brandy snifter was used for the photo. (If capacity of the bowl is unknown, fill it with water; then measure the water and use a 3-oz. package Jell-O Gelatin for each 2 cups required to fill the bowl.) Layer the flavors in the bowl -- see directions for layering Jell-O Gelatin on page 81. If desired, stemmed glasses may be tilted in refrigerator by catching base between bars of rack and leaning top against wall. Chill until firm. Garnish with Frosted Grapes (page 76), if desired.